Fencing in Dallas

A popular home improvement project just about everywhere, wood fences in Dallas are probably even more common than in other areas of the country. The reasonable weather reduces a considerable amount of wear and tear that many wood fences face. Plus, many Dallas homeowners are more than aware of the need for home security and a wood fence is often the first line of defense in creating both security and privacy for your home. Your backyard oasis isn’t the same if you’re constantly worrying about uninvited guests.

Installing a Wood Fencing in Dallas

Fences are something that many homeowners consider doing themselves. It’s farStylish Wooden Garden Gate by Spring Creek Fence and Gate, Fencing in Dallas from impossible, but not as easy as you might think. Besides the fact that it’s obviously strenuous work, it takes a good amount of knowledge to build a fence that lasts. For example, Dallas wood fence posts need to be set a little deeper in the ground than in other places because the first foot of soil is unstable in much of northern Texas. Unless you have previous experience or are willing to take the time not only to build the fence but learn everything that goes into it, you’re going to be better off hiring a Dallas fence contractor.

Wood Fencing in Dallas Maintenance

Despite the fact that Dallas weather is relatively mild most of the time, it’s far from benign. Wood fences are susceptible to water damage that can causeDurable Wooden Garden Gate Installation - Spring Creek Fence and Gate, Fencing in Dallas warping and splintering. Plus, the direct sun of a Dallas summer can cause many types of wood fencing to fade over time. It’s easy to become overly concerned about the cost of your fencing, but neglecting to choose a quality wood will only cost you more in the long run. This doesn’t make installing a wood fence in Dallas a bad idea (it’s the most popular fencing material for a reason) but you will need to do your part to maintain its beauty and durability.

Cost of a Dallas Wood Fence

Stylish Wood Drive Gate Installation by Spring Creek Fence and Gate, Fencing in DallasOur data shows that the average wood fence project costs about $3,000. Naturally, the actual cost depends on how big your fence needs to be and the quality of the wood you select. Fence installations can be as little as $1,000 to more than $7,000. One idea to help soften the blow to your budget is to talk to your neighbors. Many times, neighbors are more than willing to pay for part of the fence that borders their property. You’ll need to talk to them, anyway, to get things worked out with property lines.

Project Length of Dallas Wood Fence Installation

It shouldn’t take long to get your fence built once you’ve hired a Dallas fence contractor. Our numbers show that anywhere from a day or two to just outside a week is what you can expect. If takes a little longer to schedule a time when you can be there during the installation, it’s almost always worth it. You can monitor the progress to make sure the contractor is building the fence you’ve envisioned. The majority of the complaints we hear stem for miscommunication between the homeowner and the contractor about what the fence installation was supposed to be.

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