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A wrought iron fence can add a touch of beauty to any home as well as create a safe place for children or pets. Wrought iron is a tough material that is malleable and can be used to create unique fencing for the home. wrought iron fence service company in Plano, TX are available to install a new fence or help repair an existing one. This type of fencing is rust-resistant and is hard to work on or install unless you have experience with the material.

Cost of Wrought Iron Fencing

When installing a new wrought iron fence, panels can be purchased in varying sizes, usually from six to eight feet long, three to six feet in height. Posts and mounting brackets will be used to install the entire fence and this can be done by homeowners who enjoy DIY Projects. However, the labor is intensive, having to dig fence post holes and make sure each panel is level during installation. When you do not have experience in installing such fencing, you may find the task more tedious. A wrought iron fence Service Company in Plano, TX can do the work for you at a much faster pace.

When you purchase the fencing, you will have a cost of $20 to $100 per linear foot depending on the style and material type. The height, ornamental details, gates, spacing of fence posts and more will determine the overall costs. You will spend more when working with an installer but will save time as well as your sanity when the fencing is done quickly.

Having a Wrought iron fence Service Company in Plano, TX install a new wrought iron fence for your home is a big investment. This type of fencing adds character to the home as well as visual appeal. The value of your home can increase when a fence installation is done well by professionals.

Installation Process

The installation process of wrought iron fencing is usually completed in two stages. Once a fence path is cleared, post holes will be dug. The posts will be installed and placed in concrete by the Wrought iron fence Service Company in Plano, TX. A day or two will then pass by to allow the posts to set. Fence panels are then added to the posts and the gate put in place.

It is best to install such fencing on land that is flat. When you have land that slopes or has hills, the panels will need to be stair-stepped so that they are installed at an angle moving with the contour of the ground.

Your new wrought iron fence will look beautiful for years to come. The material is heavy and durable but also will begin to rust over time. It is recommended that such fencing is cleaned with a wire brush every three years and repainted with a recoating added to the wrought iron every ten to fifteen years.

For all your wrought iron fence servicing needs, contact Spring Creek Fence and Gate.

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