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Working with a Wood Fence repair Company in Plano, TX

A wooden fence is a common addition to any home, providing privacy as well as security for pets and children. This type of fence requires continual maintenance to ensure the fence will last for many years to come. Staining the fence, power washing for cleaning and making repairs are all part of home ownership. Wood fence repair company in Plano, TX are available to you for fence repair when you need it most. But what are common needs for wooden fence repair? Below are a few examples of when the professionals will need to be called in for assistance.

Ground Shifting

When a wooden fence is installed, there are posts put in place to be the anchor to sections of the fence. These posts are placed into the ground so that the fence can be level and stay in place. Shifting of the soil can occur which can lead to the fencing moving from its original positioning. Posts are supposed to be placed at least three feet underground to avoid this issue but the problem can still occur. A wood fence repair company in Plano, TX will be able to assist you with ground shifting movement.

Rotting of Wood

Wood is always going to be susceptible to rot, even when finished to withstand the elements. Over time, wood will react to being wet and then dry, which can result in rotting. Posts and rails can begin to deteriorate which can lead to an unsightly fence as well as a security issue. It is important to have the rotted pieces replaced by a wood fence repair company in Plano, TX. You will have a properly working fence that is not only functional but also beautiful.

Protecting from Weather Damage

Because wood is susceptible to weather damage, the wood needs to be treated properly after installation. To better protect the wood, paint or add a stain. This will provide an added layer of protection against the elements. Rain, sleet, snow and hail can be harmful to wooden fencing. Have the fence power washed before adding the stain or paint to ensure the coats adhere properly.

Fence Post Sagging

Another common problem that a wood repair fence company in Plano, TX will see is sagging fence posts. A fence post can sag when the base begins to rot along the ground level. The post does not necessarily have to be replaced but repaired. A company with experience in repair will simply dig around the post, place it at the correct position and then use concrete to hold the post in place. A diagonal brace can also be used as an alternative method of bracing the fencing when sagging takes place.

Replacement Panel Installation

Wooden fencing is installed in panels that can be replaced when damage takes place. Storms, wind and rotting can be major issues with a wooden fence. Purchasing a panel for replacement is cheaper than installing a new fence when damage occurs. A fence repair company can help with this issue by providing a replacement panel to ensure the integrity and look of the fence for the property.

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